1. Start Here: Worth & Belonging

  2. Day 1 - Your Personal Power

  3. Day 2 - Alignment

  4. Day 3 - Elevate

  5. Day 4 - Ask

  6. Day 5 - Identity & Habits

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  • Sales is love

    Learn how to leverage your awesomeness for amazing growth and sales in your business. This is the one mistake a lot of compassionate women do: they don't know how to lead during a discovery call all the way through to the sale. In this course, you'll learn how to hold the boundaries for your clients so they feel safe buying from you. The steps to follow during discovery calls to close them, with taking payments over the phone so you're not anxious wondering if the sale is going through.

  • Your Brand, Voice + Copy

    Manifesting, energetics, identity work, subconscious RTT, Absolute Client Attraction RTT learn the subconscious marketing to remove fears from your buyers. Increase know, like and trust.

  • Sisterhood

    To regulate your nervous system To ping pong on calling in clients and money to align with ideal outcomes to share ideas this supportive sisterhood is priceless

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